Photo By : Anastasia Barkovskaya

We are Atlanta Wedding Photographers Living in Lawrenceville, Ga. We have been married 11-Amazing years. Although we are opposite in many things we balance each other out and learn from each other constantly. My talented husband Danny is my personal graphic designer who shares his creativity with me. He is also my second shooter in charge of the groomsmen getting ready shots and of arranging the family group shots. I stick with the bride and the bridesmaids to be able to do the getting ready shots and the brides beautiful details. I'm also responsible for most of the candid moments throughout the day. We are flexible and professional. We adapt well to your vision to be able to make your day go smoothly and be memorable. We love all our past clients with their awesome referrals and compliments and for that reason we will continue to always strive to provide the best of our abilities to contribute to the joy of our brides and grooms. Documenting life's most precious moments is truly enjoyable.

Have a great day!

Danny & Paoola = PAO PHOTOGRAPHY